Command Prompt for Windows



Set filename associations for file extensions.


EXTENSION [extension=association]
EXT [extension=association]
EXTENSION [/D extension] [/F extension]
EXT [/D extension] [/F extension]
extensionSpecifies the filename extension.
associationSpecifies the program name and parameters.
/DDelete an extension.
/FFix or repair the association for the specified extension.


Do NOT include a dot in the parameter extension.

Type EXT without any parameters to display a list of all existing associations.

When an association is established for a file extension, then file names (which MUST including the extension) can be entered at the prompt without the need to specify the program name.

Multiple file extension associations are created and deleted in the same way as single file extension associations. When a single association already exists then the WinOne® Command Prompt will prompt the user with the message Multiple XXX extension (Y/N)?, in which case typing 'Y' will append the association, or typing 'N' will over write the existing association. Also when deleting Multiple associations, the WinOne® Command Prompt will confirm each association before deleting it.

File extension associations are saved as they are created.

Also see File Extension Association.

Examples on using EXTENSION.