Command Prompt for Windows



Download a file from the internet.


GETHTTP [/C][/F][/Q][/Y] "[http://]host[/path[/file]]"
hostWeb server address (eg.
/CConnect to the internet if not already connected.
/FForce the download of the file. By default the cache is checked for the file first and if not found in the cache the server is then checked. /F overrides the default behavior.
/QQuite mode.
/YDefault to yes for all questions. By default if the file exists on the local hard drive the message "Overwrite (Y/N)?" is displayed.


Parameter path and file name can include space characters.

Must include the quote characters above as directory separators on the web are specified using forward slashes (ie. / ). Without the quote characters the WinOne® Command Prompt would interpret the forward slashes as command line switches.

If parameter file is not specified, then index.html is assumed to be the file name.

This command is asynchronous (ie. non-blocking) and ^C can be used to cancel a file download.