Command Prompt for Windows

DATA Example

Consider the following batch file :-

REM  Random Desktop Wallpaper Changer
REM  for Windows NT and 95

REM  The first DATA statement is the number
REM  of bitmap files and the remaining DATA
REM  statements contain the full path for each
REM  bitmap file that will be used.

DATA D:\pics\file1.bmp
DATA D:\pics\file2.bmp
DATA D:\pics\file3.bmp
REM  Get the number of bitmap files.
REM  Randomly pick one of the files.
LET selected=(%random_number%  %%  %read%)
READ %selected%
REM  Set the selected file as the next wallpaper.
SETINI Desktop "Wallpaper=%read%" win.ini

This batch file will set the next wallpaper Windows will display the next time Windows is started. The blue lines (ie. the DATA statements) need to be set so that the first DATA statement specifies the number of bitmap files and the remaining data statements specify the full path of each individual bitmap file. For example, in the above batch file there are 3 bitmap files :-

  1. D:\pics\file1.bmp
  2. D:\pics\file2.bmp
  3. D:\pics\file3.bmp

To have the WinOne® Command Prompt change the wallpaper each time the WinOne® Command Prompt is started, then simply add the above batch file to the STARTUP.BAT file after the DATA statements have been set.