Command Prompt for Windows

Scientific and Miscellaneous Functions

The following table includes all the functions that may be included in an expression :-

Name Calculates Syntax
ABS Absolute value of x ABS( x )
ACOS Arc cosine of x ACOS( x )
ASIN Arc sine of x ACOS( x )
ATAN Arc tangent of x ATAN( x )
ATAN2 Arc tangent of y/x ATAN2( y, x )
CEIL Smallest integer not less than x CEIL( x )
CHR Convert x to a character/code-point CHR( x )
COS Cosine of x COS( x )
COSH Hyperbolic cosine of x COSH( x )
EXP Exponential e to the x EXP( x )
FACT Factorial of x FACT( x )
FLOOR Largest integer not greater than x FLOOR( x )
GCD Greatest common divisor of x and y GCD( x, y )
INT Convert real x to an integer INT( x )
LCM Largest common multiple of x and y LCM( x, y )
LOG Logarithm (base 10) of x LOG( x )
LN Natural Logarithm (base e) of x LN( x )
MAX Largest of x and y MAX( x, y )
MIN Smallest of x and y MIN( x, y )
POW x to the power of y POW( x, y )
REAL Convert integer x to a real REAL( x )
SGN Sign of x SGN( x )
SIN Sine of x SIN( x )
SINH Hyperbolic sine of x SINH( x )
SQR Square root of x SQR( x )
TAN Tangent of x TAN( x )
TANH Hyperbolic tangent of x TANH( x )


All the above functions accept both integer or real numbers.

Both x and y may be specified as further expressions to evaluate. Similarly, the above functions may be repeatedly nested inside other functions.