Command Prompt for Windows

Rogue - Footnotes

**UNIX is a trademark of Bell Laboratories
[1] As opposed to pseudo English sentences.
[2] A minimum screen size of 24 lines by 80 columns is required. If the screen is larger, only the 24x80 section will be used for the map.
[3] Actually, it's a dialect spoken only by the twenty-seven members of a tribe in Outer Mongolia, but you're not supposed to know that.
[4] On Version 6 systems, there is no equivalent of the ROGUEOPTS feature.
[5] For those of you who use the Bourne shell sh (1), the commands would be

$ ROGUEOPTS="jump,nopassgo,name=Blue Meanie"
$ export ROGUEOPTS

[6] The Dungeon's wizard is named Wally the Wonder Badger. Invocations should be accompanied by a sizable donation.