Command Prompt for Windows

Rogue - Options

Due to variations in personal tastes and conceptions of the way rogue should do things, there are a set of options you can set that cause rogue to behave in various different ways.

Setting the options

There are two ways to set the options. The first is with the "o" command of rogue; the second is with the "ROGUEOPTS" environment variable[4].

Using the "o" command

When you type "o" in rogue, it clears the screen and displays the current settings for all the options. It then places the cursor by the value of the first option and waits for you to type. You can type a < RETURN > which means to go to the next option, a "-" which means to go to the previous option, an < ESCAPE > which means to return to the game, or you can give the option a value. For boolean options this merely involves typing "t" for true or "f" for false. For string options, type the new value followed by a < RETURN >.

Using the ROGUEOPTS variable

The ROGUEOPTS variable is a string containing a comma separated list of initial values for the various options. Boolean variables can be turned on by listing their name or turned off by putting a "no" in front of the name. Thus to set up an environment variable so that jump is on, passgo is off, and the name is set to "Blue Meanie", use the command

% setenv ROGUEOPTS "jump,nopassgo,name=Blue Meanie"[5]

Option list

Here is a list of the options and an explanation of what each one is for. The default value for each is enclosed in square brackets. For character string options, input over forty characters will be ignored.

jump [nojump]If this option is set, running moves will not be displayed until you reach the end of the move. This saves considerable cpu and display time. This option defaults to jump if you are using a slow terminal.
passgo [nopassgo]Follow turnings in passageways. If you run in a passage and you run into stone or a wall, rogue will see if it can turn to the right or left. If it can only turn one way, it will turn that way. If it can turn either or neither, it will stop. This algorithm can sometimes lead to slightly confusing occurrences which is why it defaults to nopassgo.
skull [skull]Print out the skull at the end if you get killed. This is nice but slow, so you can turn it off if you like.
name [account name]This is the name of your character. It is used if you get on the top ten scorer's list.
fruit [slime-mold]This should hold the name of a fruit that you enjoy eating. It is basically a whimsey that rogue uses in a couple of places.
file [~/]The default file name for saving the game. If your phone is hung up by accident, rogue will automatically save the game in this file. The file name may start with the special character "~" which expands to be your home directory.