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Rogue - What do all those things on the screen mean?

In order to understand what is going on in rogue you have to first get some grasp of what rogue is doing with the screen. The rogue screen is intended to replace the ''You can see ...'' descriptions of standard fantasy games. Figure 1 is a sample of what a rogue screen might look like.

Level: 1 Gold: 0 Hp: 12(12) Str: 16(16) Arm: 4 Exp: 1/0 
Figure 1

The bottom line

At the bottom line of the screen are a few pieces of cryptic information describing your current status. Here is an explanation of what these things mean:

LevelThis number indicates how deep you have gone in the dungeon. It starts at one and goes up as you go deeper into the dungeon.

GoldThe number of gold pieces you have managed to find and keep with you so far.

HpYour current and maximum health points. Health points indicate how much damage you can take before you die. The more you get hit in a fight, the lower they get. You can regain health points by resting. The number in parentheses is the maximum number your health points can reach.

StrYour current strength and maximum ever strength. This can be any integer less than or equal to 99, or greater than or equal to 1. The higher the number, the stronger you are. The number in the parentheses is the maximum strength you have attained so far this game.

ArmYour current armor protection. This number indicates how effective your armor is in stopping blows from unfriendly creatures. The higher this number is, the more effective the armor.
ExpThese two numbers give your current experience level and experience points. As you do things, you gain experience points. At certain experience point totals, you gain an experience level. The more experienced you are, the better you are able to fight and to withstand magical attacks.

The top line

The top line of the screen is reserved for printing messages that describe things that are impossible to represent visually. If you see a ''--More--'' on the top line, this means that rogue wants to print another message on the screen, but it wants to make certain that you have read the one that is there first. To read the next message, just type a space.

The rest of the screen

The rest of the screen is the map of the level as you have explored it so far. Each symbol on the screen represents something. Here is a list of what the various symbols mean:

@This symbol represents you, the adventurer.
- and |These symbols represent the walls of rooms.
+A door to/from a room.
.The floor of a room.
#The floor of a passage between rooms.
*A pile or pot of gold.
)A weapon of some sort.
]A piece of armor.
!A flask containing a magic potion.
?A piece of paper, usually a magic scroll.
=A ring with magic properties.
/A magical staff or wand.
^A trap, watch out for these.
%A staircase to other levels.
:A piece of food.
A-ZThe uppercase letters represent the various inhabitants of the Dungeons of Doom. Watch out, they can be nasty and vicious.